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"Watch this one twice."

- The Best Darn Girls Movie Reviews

on A Christmas in Tennessee

"It features all the things you want in a television movie. "

- Kaitlin Reilly, Refinery 29,

on The Christmas Contract

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Three things I love the most: TV, Travel, & Photography. Although film and television will always be greatest passion, travel and photography are a close second--and they go hand in hand! 

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, I spent my childhood crabbing in the Gulf, eating King Cake for breakfast, and dancing to the sounds of my father playing lively hymns on his guitar.


I discovered my love of television in high school when started binge watching Lost. With my shoulders hunched over our family desktop, I couldn't stop watching episode after episode. I had always loved storytelling but discovering television as a new medium changed my perspective. I put down all of my old VHS' I bought from Goodwill and turned my attention to television. 

I started traveling in 2010 when I was 18 and instantly caught the travel bug. I always considered myself an "anywhere but here" type of girl until I ventured out and fully realized the cultural shmorgasberg that was in my own backyard. The countless festivals, rich traditions, savory cuisine, and breathtaking flora and fauna constantly influence my writing. After visiting five continents and 30 countries, Louisiana is still my favorite place in the world. There truly is, no place like home. 



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